Ask our customers!

Within 60 days after training, we increased our business between 30% and 50%... our sales teams as a group exceeded their first quarter's sales target by 25% ...the department's revenues grew over 700% during the next 24 months. - Leslie Bell,          Sr. Service Sales Manager, Cisco Systems

90 days (after your training) we found the average sales price had been increased by 5% across the board, resulting in an increased revenue stream of $750,000 for that quarter. The return-on-investment for your course was significant. - Barry Mainz, VP Corporate Sales, Mercury Interactive

In the 13 days following the training and coaching, we realized an incremental revenue increase of $161,000, which paid for the training many times over. - Michael Bocian, Exec. Dir. NAM Sales, Darby Spencer Mead

Looking for Inside Sales Training That Will Increase Sales?

Want to increase the productivity of your b2b inside sales team? Whether you have 1 inside sales rep or 100, our sales courses will help your team to sell better and qualify faster. As our testimonials will tell you, we'll train your reps to outsell and out-qualify your competitors, and your managers to help them to become superior performers by reinforcing what their reps learned in our classes on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

How good are we? Since 1990, hundreds of sales reps trained by Geoff Alexander have constantly exceeded quota. And their sales careers advance, too (meet the more than 100 inside sales reps we've trained that have become sales managers and execs). 

After taking our telesales skills sales courses, your inside sales reps will:

  • Sell faster (for quicker revenue)
  • Sell better (to multiple high-level individuals within the enterprise)
  • Sell more consultatively (to add more revenue from existing customers)  
  • Become a "sole source" (to lock-out your competitors)
  • Better qualify (or disqualify) prospects, faster

For full details, check out our courses, FAQ, and testimonials, and read more about Geoff.  Our telesales tips blog provides great sales techniques your team can use right now, too. For a snapshot into Geoff's sales philosphy, read his whitepaper on ROI selling. Contact us today to ask a question or schedule a class.